Fulgence Mishili, PhD

Research Economist

Senior Lecturer

Sokoine University of Agriculture

Fulgence Mishili is Senior Lecturer of Agricultural Economics specializing in Agribusiness Management and Production Economics at the Sokoine University of Agriculture. In terms of teaching, Dr. Mishili teaches undergraduate marketing course as well as the quantitative methods and Marketing Management courses for MBA program. Apart from teaching, he is also involved in extension and consultant programs in the University.

Knowledge and experienced gain overtime has enable Dr. Mishili to be involved in various projects. To mention but a few, Dr. Mishili is 2012 – 2016: Country Coordinator and Researcher, project entitled “Identifying socioeconomic constraints to and incentives for faster technology adoption: Pathways to sustainable intensification in Eastern and Southern Africa (Adoption Pathways)” funded by The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (“CIMMYT”)-2012-2016; Principal Investigator- PI, project entitled “Enhancing vegetable value chains in rice-based and sole crop production systems to improve farm household income and consumer access to safer vegetables in Morogoro, Tanzania”. The project was implemented in collaboration with AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center with its Regional Center for Africa in Tanzania; Node member and consultant, Tanzania Market Policy Action Node (TM-PAN), Focus sharply on translating evidence based policies into action though evidence-based policy advocacy involving all stakeholders within relevant policy value chainsin Agriculture sector, funded by AGRA.

Dr. Mishili holds a diploma certificate in Agromechanization from M.A.T.I. Mlingano, Tanga. Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture General from Sokoine University of Agriculture. Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree focusing on marketing and consumer behavior from the University of Dar es Salaam.  Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University, Indiana State, U.S.A. He received a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University, Indiana State, U.S.A. with a specialty in Production Economics and Agribusiness Management with an emphasis on agriculture commodity marketing and cross border trade.