IANDA at the ANH Academy Week/NIL Scientific Symposium 2017, Kathmandu, Nepal

IANDA Project Team holding Learning Lab at the 2017 ANH Academy Week and NIL Scientific Symposium in NepalThis past July 2017, the IANDA Project had the opportunity to participate in and present at the 2nd Annual ANH Academy Week and 5th Annual FTF-NIL Agriculture-Nutrition Scientific Symposium. During the event, IANDA held one Learning Lab, contributed to the IMMANA symposium and breakout sessions, and gave one oral presentation during the research conference.

For the Learning Lab, titled Indicators of Affordability of Nutritious Diets, Dr. Anna Herforth led participants of varying backgrounds (senior and junior; South Asia, Africa, and other regions; agriculture, nutrition, health, and economics) through a primer on food price tracking at global, national, and subnational levels. Participants then heard more about IANDA's efforts to assess the landscape of food price data in Ghana and Tanzania and work with government stakeholders and the NGO community to data collection for nutrition ends. Finally, Dr. Herforth introduced the participants to IANDA's suite of indicators (Cost of a Diverse Diet, Cost of Nutrient Adequacy, Cost of a Recommended Diet, and the Nutritious food Price Index), presented preliminary results, and held a plenary discussion on uptake and next steps. 

Project Director Anna Herforth speaking during the ANH Academy Week and NIL Scientific Symposium


During the IMMANA symposium, IANDA contributed with lightning presentation on the developed suite of indicators and preliminary results. Later in the research conference, Dr. Herforth gave a longer oral presentation during the Dietary Transition session. 

Project Director Anna Herforth speaking during the Dietary Transitions session

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