Ghana Stakeholder and End-User Workshop


The objectives of the workshop were:

  1. To convene the Ghana agriculture, nutrition, and statistics community
  2. To introduce participants to the four indicators developed: the CoDD, the CoNA, the CoRD, and the NPI
  3. To discuss uptake and use of IANDA’s suite of indicators in Ghana at the national, regional, and local levels in stakeholder organizations
  4. To discuss the future of food price data collection and use in Ghana

The workshop began with opening remarks from Prof. Daniel Bruce Sarpong (IANDA, University of Ghana), Dr. Anna Herforth (IANDA) and Prof. Anna Lartey (FAO, University of Ghana), followed by introductions from IANDA, the MoFA-SRID, and the GSS. The afternoon featured presentations on the IANDA suite of indicators, breakout group work on indicator uptake and use, and a panel discussion on the future of food price data collection in Ghana.